Fun and Memorable Weddings

When couples contact me to officiate their wedding, I always have two things to say. 

  1. Make it fun.
  2. Make it memorable. 

Who wants a boring wedding? No one! I love to create fun ceremonies! 

The more unique it is, the more fun and memorable it will be. 

Popular Themed Wedding Ideas

How about a themed wedding? From Disco to Star Wars, themed weddings are always a hit. Let’s take a look at some popular themes.


Dress up the wedding party in superhero costumes, put a cape on the ring bearer!   

Roaring 20’s

The Roaring 20’s are always fun. Headbands, flapper dresses and feathered boas are so much fun.  

Star Wars

Leave the ceremony as your guests hold up light sabers that you walk under. 


Princess, Prince, Disney Hero costumes are colorful and fun! 

Boho Chic

Tie dye and colorful floral clothing for everyone creates great fun and photos. 

Handfastings / Tying The Knot

Handfastings are always memorable << Insert guide >>> They are symbolic and can create a sacred space for all loved ones to be part of. Special cloth or cords are chosen by the couple and used to bind their hands together as they exchange vows. Friends or family can be incorporated to help wrap the cords for the couple. 

Celebrity Impersonators

Hire a celebrity Impersonator to surprise your guests at the reception. Why not have Elvis or Michael Jackson at your wedding? 

Other Fun Wedding Ceremony Elements

Besides a fun wedding theme, you can also incorporate other fun surprises for your guests. 

First Dance

Take dance lessons and wow the guests with your stunning first dance. If you are up for it break out in some crazy dance moves. 

Food Truck

Have a late night food truck show up! 

Donut Bar

Create a donut bar. 

Custom Drink

Create a signature wedding drink. 

Bouncy Bouncy

Have a bounce house at your reception


Set up Corn Hole game if you have an outdoor space

Photo Booth

Everyone loves the fun wedding booths that are available to rent.

Group Food

Have a seafood boil or clam bake reception

More Dancing

Do a surprise wedding party choreographed dance at the reception

These are just a few ideas to get your thought process going. Above all, remember to have fun!