Alternative Ceremonies

Polyamorous-Throuples-Triads Ceremonies

I believe that all consenting adults have the right to love whoever and how many they choose.  The more the merrier! 

It is always so hard to hear that consenting adults are being turned down by vendors. You don’t have to ask here. Yes!!  I will Officiate for your ceremony, no matter who you are or who you love.

You are probably aware that a legal marriage can only take place between two people. This does not mean you cannot have a beautiful ceremony symbolizing your love. 

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BDSM Ceremonies

Absolutely! Collaring Ceremonies, Ceremony of the Roses – Rituals formalize the dynamic!

420 Wedding

Incorporating Cannabis into your wedding or elopement is definitely an option. No judgment here.  If interested just reach out and I can discuss options with you.

Your Officiant is a personal choice, and should be someone who has a genuine interest in honoring your union.

I am proud to be San Diego’s Alternative Lifestyle Officiant!